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'Forensics stop people getting away with murder'

August 21, 2021
When Tom Nelson began his career in forensic science, they needed a blood stain the size of an old 50p coin to identify someone's ...

Crime scene response vehicle bolsters accredited Long Beach police forensic department

August 21, 2021
LONG BEACH, Calif. (KABC) -- Evidence from crime scenes in Long Beach goes directly to the police department's crime lab where off...

Thousands of Baltimore crime-scene fingerprints end up never processed

August 21, 2021
BALTIMORE — Thousands of fingerprints lifted by Baltimore police following home and business burglaries and car break-ins ov...

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Advanced Bloodstain Pattern Analysis

This advanced course will take you beyond the blood basics and increase your knowledge and skills in bloodstain pattern analysis. We will also take an in-d...


Basic to Intermediate Fingerprint Comparison

Michele Smith, CLPE, CSCSA

This 5-day, 40-hour course provides in depth information on


International Forensic Photography Workshop

A comprehensive workshop, consisting of lectures and hands-on sessions designed for those in the forensic and law enforcement fields. Participants will lea...

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