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The 2021 Conference photos are now available on the website. Members will need to login to view the photos. Here are a few photos from past conferences....

A special thanks to King Brown and Dawn Watkins for taking all of the conference photographs throughout the week and for many of our past conferences.

Thank you to all that helped make this conference a success including the staff, presenters, vendors and all those that attended during these difficult times. We look forward to Orlando next year.

Recent News

DNA on beer cans leads to arrest in 1996 cold case murder of Florida man stabbed 73 times

November 05, 2021
Officials used genetic genealogy websites Family Tree and GEDmatch to link DNA from the crime scene to Kenneth Robert Stough Jr.

FBI Expands Next Generation Identification System with Iris, Palm Prints

November 05, 2021
The FBI has been running a full-scale iris-print ID service as part of its Next Generation Identification, or NGI, system for almo...

Dubai Police develop cutting-edge fingerprint lifting device

November 05, 2021
Dubai Police have developed a smart hand-held device that can take forensic fingerprints from a crime scenes and directly match th...

Upcoming Events & Trainings


Crime Scene Processing Workshop

This course will provide you with hands-on training in the latest state-of-the-art techniques for crime scene processing. Emphasis will be given to re...


Shooting Incident Reconstruction

Host:: Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office | Forensic Science Division
Location:: 4801 145th Ave. North | Clearwater, FL...


Advanced Photography

An in depth review of manual camera functions will be done as this class will be held in full manual mode. White light and ALS lab photography, person...

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