Science and Practices Committees 2019

Crime Scene
Ron Mueller – Chair 941-268-1847
Danny Formosa305-460-5479
Joel Smith772-871-5140
Kasey Buckner517-202-5179
Latent Print
Morgan Hays – Chair904-360-7160
Dawn Watkins561-799-4543
Jessica Meade-Matias407-344-5207
Cameron Stauffer 305-471-2970
Lauren Tirollo239-278-7170
Biometric Identification
Haria Haught – Chair727-267-5804
Heather Kendall954-644-9085
R. Scott Barnett239-793-9172
Christian Rivas954-831-5936
Footwear and Tire Track Identification
Dr. Christine Snyder – Chair407-665-6492
Ron Mueller841-268-1847
Dianne McConaghey813-878-7297
Forensic Photography and Electronic Imaging
Robert Wyman – Chair786-246-8100
Neil Zielinski561-688-4271
King Brown561-822-1711
Kyle King772-978-6135
Bloodstain Pattern Identification
Janice Johnson – Chair850-698-6929
Dr. Gabriele Suboch239-410-0699
Kinsey Boylan352-754-6830
General Forensics
Roberta Case – Chair Person863-679-4186
Teresa Bryant239-849-8644
Dr. Jason Byrd352-294-4091
Dr. Lerah Sutton386-801-8966

Digital Imaging (Inactive)

Nominating Committee

Past Presidents