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Behind the scenes at the FBI’s gruesome forensics laboratory

July 10, 2020
The FBI is renowned for pioneering forensic techniques. Photographer Max Aguilera-Hellweg captures the scenes behind the science

Breakdown: The Unwinding of Law and Order in our Cities has Happened with Stunning Speed.

July 06, 2020
It took several months for the first iteration of the Ferguson Effect to become obvious. Michael Brown was fatally shot by a Fergu...

Want to ‘defund’ a Florida sheriff? Gov. Ron DeSantis might have the final say.

July 04, 2020
County commissioners set sheriffs’ budgets across the state, but they have little say over how sheriffs spend the money.

Survey on Adequate Staffing Levels in the CSI Discipline

This survey was created in response to a gap in knowledge about adequate CSI staffing levels highlighted by the Crime Scene Investigation Subcommittee within the Organization of Scientific Area Committees (OSAC). The survey is designed to establish a better picture of what adequate staffing at a crime scene is for CSIs and examines investigation quality and effectiveness through things like investigation type, size of crime scene(s), and the number of crime scenes requiring investigation. This is an important step in identifying issues across the discipline so that the OSAC CSI Subcommittee can make discipline-wide recommendations on proper staffing at crime scenes. Your participation is greatly appreciated. Please contact Joe Trevino at if you have any questions or concerns.   

The 2019 Conference Photos are now available in the Member Section of the Website

Now it's Easy to Submit your Job Openings and Training Events to the FDIAI website

You can submit Job Openings and Training Classes online without contacting the webmaster. Just click on Submit Job Openings or Training Opportunities from the main menu and you may upload related flyers.

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Physical & Chemical Processing of Latent Print Evidence

The Latent Print Sequential Processing and Preservation course includes comprehensive training in evidence collection and physical and chemical processing ...


Advanced Crime Scene Investigation

This all-encompassing 40-hour workshop will provide the investigator with both hands-on training as well as thought-provoking discussions while using advan...


Crime Scene Reconstruction

Designed for experienced investigators and crime scene technicians, this advanced course teaches the use of scientific methods, evidence analysis and deduc...