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Robotic Dog Caught in Action With NYPD While Clearing Crime Scene in Bronx

February 26, 2021
Digidog, the robotic dog of the New York Police Department (NYPD), was seen again in action in New York City to clear a crime scen...

How a 1960s discovery in Yellowstone made millions of COVID-19 PCR tests possible

February 21, 2021
MILWAUKEE, Wis. – Like so many great scientific discoveries, Tom Brock started the research that would go on to revolutioniz...

Frozen Forensics: FROST program at Northern Michigan University

February 17, 2021
MARQUETTE, Mich. (WJMN) – Somewhere in Marquette County lies a secret facility. To some locals, the location is known, but i...

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Delta Forensics Online Training - Continuous

Delta Forensics is offering several training courses through the Delta Forensics Virtual Academy. Courses are approved by the IAI Latent Print, Crime Scene...


Buried Bodies and Surface Skeletons: Recovery Techniques

During this 24-hour course you will become familiar with the background and procedures used in forensic archaeology. You will learn specific techniques to ...


Webinar - Forensic Accreditation - Preparing for the Forensic Accreditation Process

Are you interested in helping your forensic units become accredited, but you aren’t sure where to start?  Students will learn the benefits of ac...

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Learn about the University of Florida's Veterinary Forensic Science Laboratory

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The ASPCA Veterinary Forensic Science Center in Gainesville, Florida is now open

This facility is the first and only multidisciplinary forensic laboratory in the United States dedicated to animal cruelty casework involving companion and other domesticated animals.

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