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Thanks to those who attended our conference!

We had a great conference last week and appreciate all who helped make it happen including the staff, exhibitors, sponsors and attendees. Thank to all that responded to our surveys. They help us improve the program for next year.

We hope to see everyone next year again in Orlando.

Recent News

The History and Legacy of the Latent Fingerprint Black Box Study

January 17, 2023
The FBI's black box study on latent prints continues to influence the criminal justice system's understanding of the validity and ...

How the technology that solved the 4 Idaho killings could solve many more crimes

January 17, 2023
The breakthrough forensic science known as genetic genealogy is back in the news in the case of the “Idaho Four” home ...

The History of Forensic Science

January 17, 2023
For many people, "forensic science" means the DNA testing of blood, skin, hair, or other human substances. But forensic ...

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Homicide Investigation

Whether you are the first responder or the lead investigator, this course will give you the knowledge and skills to thoroughly and professionally investiga...


Basic Documentation, Photography & Collection of Footwear & Tire Tread Impressions

As investigators, we are taught how to document and collect footwear and tire tread impressions at crime scenes but we are not taught how those techniques ...


Suicide Investigation

Proving suicide can be a daunting task for the investigator due to factors such as family denials, scene interference, insurance issues, and the basic stig...

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