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Digital Forensics: Taking fingerprints from photos posted on social media

June 19, 2021
A new technology is helping nab criminals through photos.

CSI Houston: How a Texas lab has remade the science of forensics

May 27, 2021
Hollywood portrays forensic science as nearly infallible. It isn’t. Now a Houston lab has become a model of reform, boosting...

Illuminating invisible bloody fingerprints with a fluorescent polymer

May 27, 2021
Careful criminals usually clean a scene, wiping away visible blood and fingerprints. However, prints made with trace amounts of bl...

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Digital Photography for Law Enforcement

This 24-hour course will teach you how to effectively use your agency’s digital camera system. You will learn the proper approach to various types of...


Webinar - Preparing for the Forensic Accreditation Process


Are you interested in helping your forensic unit(s) become accredited by you aren't sure where to start?  Students ...


Staged Crime Scene Investigations

Any deliberate effort made by an offender before police arrive to alter the pristine condition of a crime scene to purposely thwart the investigation and f...

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