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A Forensic Toxicology Lab in Washington State Has a Meth Problem

July 31, 2021
We begin in Washington state, where yet another crime lab has managed to possibly screw up thousands of convictions by contaminati...

Forensic Scientists Design the First Machine Learning Approach to Forensic DNA Analysis

July 31, 2021
As the field of forensics evolves, more complex evidence is being processed with greater precision, sensitivity and speed than eve...

ASU Scientist Gets $140K Grant To Study Time of Death

July 16, 2021
One of Alabama State University's most acclaimed scientists and researchers - who has added to the lexicon of forensic science ter...

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Designed for experienced investigators and crime scene technicians, this advanced 40-hour course teaches the use of scientific methods, evidence analysis a...


Shooting Reconstruction

This comprehensive five-day course is designed for crime scene investigators, detectives, crime laboratory analysts and others in the field of forensic sci...

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